Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wedding Stationary Tips

wedding stationary

By Leanne Tremblay
Once the official wedding invitation is the only way to introduce guests to the wedding. There are several options and strict protocols to follow. In a word, traditional. Currently, the couple on their own will, not always break with tradition, but adds to the save the date cards, engagement announcements, bridal shower invitations, photo wedding invitations, and personal photos thank you cards. In short, silent wedding options available today is a reflection of modern life. The couple wanted everything about their marriage to reflect personal style and point of view that colors, images, and alternative design of all in the mix.
With this in mind, wedding stationary can convey your personality with a very simple and effective. For example, posting a photo of your fiance's wedding photos and direct contact with the style, tone and atmosphere of your wedding.
wedding stationaryMost modern styles and wedding invitation cards can be made online. Just upload your digital photos you want to use and then drag and drop them into the design. Wedding Paper Divas is one of the vendors such as displaying a fresh, modern style with a stationary design your wedding theme together. Other vendors, such as Shutterfly and PhotoWorks, giving you more mileage from the engagement and wedding photographs and cards by offering not just an announcement, but the books and photos are also present.
Save the Date card
Now more popular than ever, save the date cards is a wise way to let people know that four to six months before your wedding and even more important if your wedding falls on a holiday, if the guests who came from afar, or if you have a destination wedding .
Engagement announcement or Party Invitation
Just like a traditional newspaper announcement, engagement announcement cards tell the world that marriage is in the works. Even if you do not have dates or locations to work out yet, this card is a fun way to set the stage. If you are planning to throw a party to announce the engagement and you start planning your wedding, then why not change the announcement of the engagement to an engagement party invitation. This is a great way to get the wedding party together for the first time.
Bridal Shower or Couples Invitation, Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Invites
While bathing is traditional for the best jobs, more and more couples are choosing to have a bath together. Beautiful bridal shower invitations, or can have less than two dollars.
Wedding Invitation and Response Card
wedding stationaryBoth formal and informal wedding invitations and response cards can be created online and choose from formal or informal pattern. Designers like Sarah Hawkins, Alma and Petite Wedding Paper Divas has coordinated wedding stationary sets. And by creating your online order stationary, you have complete control. For example, you can create a design, sleep on it, and then check on your comfort before placing the order, which is not the case when you have to make on-the-spot decisions on the printer.
Wedding Ceremony Program
Quite often, guests receive a short printed program your wedding ceremony. This is a wise attitude, especially if you are not conventional or ceremony incorporates several cultural traditions. Programs can be printed on paper and using design coordination motif of the other stationary.
Thank You Cards
Thank you card is an important part of the plan your wedding stationary. Are you modern or traditional, to thank your guests really worth etiquette and good manners alone. Thank you customized cards with photos, personal messages, poems or other image is the most personal way to express your gratitude.
Dinner Invitation practice, Direction, and Place Cards,
In most cases the marriage is a major event which is supported by a number of smaller ones. You can use this opportunity to once again set the tone with the other wedding stationary like an invitation rehearsal dinner, direction, and place cards. All of these cages can be coordinated to match wedding colors or theme

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